Three Different Way Make Wireless Charging Technology Realization
- Apr 27, 2018 -

At present, the main technical schemes of wireless charging include four kinds of electromagnetic induction, magnetic resonance, radio wave and electric field coupling, of which electromagnetic induction and magnetic resonance are the two main mainstream technologies. The principle of electromagnetic induction charging is similar to the transformer, the charging board and the receiving end each have a charge coil and core, the charging board and the receiving end can achieve high efficiency wireless charging. The principle of magnetic resonance is to use the charge plate and the receiver in the same resonant frequency, through resonance to realize the transmission of energy. At present, the magnetic induction wireless charging scheme has been applied in Samsung, SONY, Google, NOKIA and other brands of mobile phones. The relatively mature application scenario is automobiles. Qualcomm is a HALO wireless charging system for automotive research, which uses MRI technology.

The future wireless charging technology will be widely used in mobile phone, tablet computer, electric vehicle, mobile power, wearable equipment, medical and other fields. The prospect of wireless charging market is wide, and it is currently in the market introduction period.