The wireless charger changes your life
- Jun 12, 2018 -

The completion of Samsung Premium wireless charger is frosted silica gel. The wireless charging surface has three spring support seats in the center, aligned from the top to the bottom, so that you can charge Galaxy S8 for vertical and horizontal charges at two different locations. If you are listening to your device, listening to music on the headset, or even making phone calls, the charger is perfect. In addition, due to the position of the wireless charger as your device, the screen is facing you, you can keep the latest information on the Netflix series at dinner, or check your Facebook news source when you charge it.

In addition to wireless charging for Galaxy S8 or any other type compatible with Qi standard, the charger also provides fast charging technology. Compared with the last model (EP-PG9201), the current version reduces the charging time of one hour. In other words, it's more efficient.

The connection port has also been upgraded from one generation to the next. Now there is a standard USB Type-C port. In addition, as we saw in the Galaxy S8 suite, it is equipped with USB Type-C to MiscroUSB 2 adapter. So, if you need, you can also use the microUSB 2 cable as long as it is approved by my Samsung, of course.

That is to say, Samsung's new wireless charger is convenient, and the most important thing is to provide excellent performance. Of course, the use of cables and AFC adapters can shorten the charging process. Your mobile phone will cost 100% more than an hour using wireless charging. However, the experience of Fast Charge Wireless is better, because there is no need to connect cables and socket adapters, the cushion is always ready. All you need to do is put your equipment on top of it.