The upcoming flagship phones have been identified with wireless charging.
- Mar 06, 2018 -

Wireless charging function while a few years ago have Japanese brands of mobile phones in use, the development has been very slow, however, were adopted in apple's mobile phone wireless charging function, the android camp several large manufacturers also gradually began to extensive use of wireless charging function, even some still carry the wireless quick charge technology.

According to the MWC2018, wireless charging has become the standard of the new flagship phones, in recent years, not only Samsung has always been support wireless charging, but also Nokia, LG, SONY even started using. In addition to 5G communication technology and artificial intelligence, wireless charging has become another highlight of MWC.


LG was the first company to release their first mobile phone V30s THINQ, that support wireless charging in this MWC

2、Nokia 7 plus、Nokia 8 Sirocco

Nokia then released the Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 8 Sirocco, two smart phones that support wireless charging. Nokia 7 Plus supports Qualcomm QC3.0 quick charge. Nokia 8 Sirocco supporting QC 4.0 quick charge and wireless charging function,battery is 3260mAh.

3、Samsung Galaxy S9、S9+

On the base of S8 and S8+, the upgraded version of Samsung S9 and S9+ is equipped with the SoC of snapdragon 845/Exynos 9810. The cable fast charge still adopts QC2.0 standard only, and the maximum power of wireless charging can reach 10W.


SONY's XZ2 is the first international mobile phone to support wireless charging since SONY's mobile integration. The Swedish team, though, has been very smart about the overall design of the phone, but that doesn't shake it as a flagship phone that supports wireless charging. In terms of wireless charging, it supports 9W wireless charging power.

5、JinLi M7 Plus

This time, JinLi also exhibited the previously released M7 Plus, which is the first mobile phone in China to support wireless fast charge. The wireless charging system (CPS) has developed a wireless charging system with a power of 10W.

Long before MWC2018 opening, both at home and abroad have up to 15 w have wireless charging pad, America's fourth-largest operator has to the Verizon wireless charging pad products, it is the first in the world through the Extended Power Profile standard authentication of 15 w wireless charger. There are also a lot of manufacturers in China who have launched the wireless charger of 15W. Obviously, the competition of fast charging wireless charging board is fierce in both domestic and foreign markets.

However, the ultimate charging power, besides the relationship with the output end, it is also important that the phone can support the input of the maximum power. Currently, the mainstream supports wireless charging mobile phones. The receiving Power is 5W to 7.5w, and some wireless quick charging can reach about 10W, and it is basically the standard of Basic Power Profile.

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