The iphone is a wireless charging device.
- Jan 29, 2018 -

The wireless charger is very sensitive, and it can be charged on contact. It is very practical. No need to connect the data cable to the mobile phone again. The charging is not hot, and the speed is not bad. It is worth having.

The wireless charger is very creative and very unique. The charging speed is very fast, the quality is not bad, the packaging is also very good, not a bit damaged.

Beautiful appearance, good hand feeling and fast charging speed, high-end atmosphere. Highly recommended, worth having, office colleagues all cast envious glances!

The mobile phone comes in contact with the charging, quick response, also very thin, the texture is good, is good. The charge does not burn the charge quickly, the color is also super good-looking, the work is detailed, a cent is worth the goods worth to buy!

The small thing is very delicate, also very convenient, avoid to always pull the line to pull to pull, the data line is often thus be torn apart.

As long as the phone is placed on the phone, it will display the charge, which is convenient, the packaging is exquisite, the quality is good, the thermal charging is fast, the reaction is very fast, the charge will not be delayed.