The greatest advantage of wireless charging is convenience
- Jan 25, 2018 -

The greatest advantage of wireless charging is convenience. Wireless charging has little impact on mobile phones, but when all electronic products support wireless charging, it is more interesting to give users the convenience. Apple says the future model AirPods wireless headphones will use a AirPower - based charging box, so users can charge them only to the charging board. The Apple Pencil touch pen is in urgent need of wireless charging, and its current charging method is a joke.

Wireless charging is very suitable for small electronic products. Imagine putting a charging board in the desk drawer, users can charge the iPhone standby battery to them, and they can keep full state when they need to use them. In addition, the user only needs a charge board to charge a number of devices. For example, when a colleague recharges a iPhone, the user does not have to pull down his own iPhone.