The distinction between the size of wireless charging
- Jun 28, 2018 -

The wireless charger is divided into two kinds, there are two ways to distinguish the size, the high-power use of the magneto electric induction charging equipment, can achieve stealth, greatly reduced the wear rate of the equipment, the coverage range is also increased, the share of the area will not be too large and the area area will be reduced accordingly, generally speaking, The distance of high power wireless charger is only about 5 meters.

The low-power wireless empathy is an electromagnetic induction, while the high-power wireless is filled with a resonant type. The device is used to charge the battery by receiving the energy to the battery, and the supply itself is used to deliver the energy between the charger and the electric device. The device does not need a DSB line connection. All devices that achieve wireless charging and power supply can be exposed without conducting contacts.