The best charging place for wireless charging
- Jun 19, 2018 -

When a mobile phone vibrates, it is easy to run and can not be charged at the best charging place for wireless charging. If the angle is adjusted, it will not be easy for the mobile phone to slide away from the best charging place.

For iPhone X, there is another advantage of using a charging board that can be recharged, that is, you can check the notification. When iPhone receives a notification, users will want to see these messages on the lock screen. However, iPhone X acquies by default only when the user uses Face ID to unlock the message, so if you put iPhone X flat on the table and charge it, you will have to stretch your face to see the notice. It's rather annoying. If you use a standing charging board, the effect is quite different. When iPhone receives the notification, you just have to look at the phone at random. The magic thing happens, and iPhone X unlocks. It can be seen that when charging boards are placed, some angles are very practical.