Wireless charging technology is safe to the human body
- Feb 25, 2018 -

From the theory of wireless charging, wireless charging no harm to the human body safety, the principle of resonance wireless charging is the use of magnetic resonance, transmission in the same frequency resonance with the coil, and other devices can not accept the band, in addition, the use of wireless charging of the magnetic field is harmless to the human body. But wireless charging technology, after all, is a new charging technology. Many people will worry about wireless charger based on Mai yuan technology. The technology of wireless charging will be just like the emergence of Wi-Fi and mobile antenna pole just now. In fact, technology itself is harmless.

To achieve the wireless charging of cell phones and other products, there must be two parts: the transmitter is connected to the power supply, and is responsible for transmitting power to the wide space. The receiver is generally installed on the electronic products to receive electricity. Wireless charging technology has begun to be used in mobile phone products.