Technology leads the new fashion 7.5W wireless charge is not a dream
- Dec 21, 2017 -


Technology is the primary productive force, and this is definitely not the case in the present. Even a few years ago, our world stayed at 2G levels, and now we're heading into the age of 5G. And it's technology that's changing all that. Mobile phones can be a great help to our lives, and now 7.5W wireless charging technology makes wireless charging possible.


Since samsung first introduced mobile phones with wireless charging, domestic manufacturers have been quick to follow suit. Now famous domestic and foreign mobile phone brand manufacturers, such as xiaomi, OPPO and IPHONE, have launched their own wireless charging mobile phones. And it will be distributed to the market at the end of this year. The 7.5-w wireless charging technology is mature and is in the pre-stage of commercialization.


Wireless charging, it is with WIFI and other medium to achieve the purpose of the mobile phone quick charge, there is a portable wearable devices, wireless charging transmitter with mobile phone chips to connect together to achieve goals. This technology has been the Internet since its inception, and a stone has stirred up a thousand waves.