The business opportunities behind the wireless charger
- Mar 12, 2018 -
With the popularization and development of mobile Internet technology, smart phone has become an indispensable existence in life. At present, the smart phone market has formed a certain pattern, and the enterprise is seeking new product research and development in order to maintain its competitive advantage. In this, the wireless charging function of the mobile phone has undoubtedly become a big spot. As the pioneer and leader of smartphone, Apple Mobile launched three new products this year, all equipped with wireless charging function. Android giant Samsung and HUAWEI also have wireless charging phones launched in recent years.

Shenzhen Aodehong Technology Co., Ltd. brand (newqi),focus on the design and development of wireless charging pad, with further increases market demand, newqi R & D term in the field of wireless charging is also increasing year by year. Up to now, newqi has a brand new wireless new product on the market. To create and provide products with practical aesthetic design as the brand concept of newqi, since the establishment of the brand, it has been committed to developing practical and creative products. It can meet the needs of different consumers, not only convenient to carry, high efficiency and keep charging stable , but also the design of product is simple and beautiful. The main control of newqi wireless charge is digital demodulation master chip which is developed independently by aodehong, and it is developed with independent program software. The precise core calculation method of wireless charging makes the charging efficiency higher, the temperature lower, and the charging reliability stronger. It not only guarantees the technology sense of wireless charging products, but also enhances the product safety.