On vehicle wireless charging
- Jul 06, 2018 -

At present, the world has 70 models equipped with vehicle wireless charging, mainly in foreign countries. From the beginning of next year, many car manufacturers will launch vehicle wireless charging. To be sure, by the second half of next year, we will see the introduction of wireless charging applications by domestic auto manufacturers.

At present, most of the wireless charging comes from the mobile phone, and next year, not only smart phones, smart wear, smart furniture, and automotive wireless charging will also be shipped in large quantities. The concept of wireless charging will be a great change. This may be the real arrival of the long development of the wireless charging industry.

We can predict that in the near future, wireless charging will be as convenient as WIFI, driving cars, with the aid of solar energy and wireless charging, can completely offset the dependence on gasoline. It is said that technology pioneers have developed a wireless technology that is 15 meters long, and I will fight CALL for you.