Mobile phone radio charger Qi standard
- May 02, 2018 -

Mobile phone wireless charger technology mainly uses electromagnetic technology, the electric current is converted into electromagnetic in the transmitter, and the cell phone is converted into electric current to charge the mobile phone through a built-in chip receiver. The key to the extension of the wireless charging technology is to ensure that the wireless charger of the manufacturers can be compatible. The Qi standard makes the wireless charging have a unified technical specification to ensure the compatibility of the same charger to multiple brands and multi products. Menno Treffers, chairman of the wireless charging alliance, said that the Qi wireless charging standard uses electromagnetic induction technology, which is more efficient and secure than other technologies. The Qi wireless charging standard includes three aspects of interface, performance and regulation, which will challenge the popularity of wireless charging technology, so the Qi standard mobile phone will be wirelessly charged through any Qi - Certified charging base station, base or other rechargeable device.