IPhone 8/ Plus and X wireless charging
- Nov 21, 2017 -

You may have heard of the man, Nikola Tesla, according to the phoneArena website. Tesla is a legendary inventor and scientist who laid the foundation for modern power supplies, including the supply of electricity to homes. He also explored the possibility of radio transmission, dreaming of a wireless way to power all devices in the coming day without spending money. Sadly, his ambitious idea did not become a reality, but tesla put forward the principle of wireless power transmission system, more than a century later, but still looks, for example, almost all smartphones support wireless charging.

Mobile phones support wireless charging family, ushered in the three new members: the iPhone 8, 8 Plus the iPhone and iPhone X - they all support Qi wireless charging standards, the purpose is to bring more convenience to the user, the phone itself looks cool. The new iPhone wireless charging users need to know the information.

Why does wireless charging look cool?

There's an obvious advantage to wireless charging for the iPhone -- it's more convenient, because users don't need to use a variety of cables anymore. Users need to put their phones on the charging board -- the charging pad can be placed on the bedside table or office desk, and the rest of the business will be free of charge, leaving it to the technology to complete it. As an additional benefit, using wireless charging mode can reduce the wear of Lightning interface and Lightning cable.

Some public places such as restaurants, cafes and airports also offer wireless charging services. Indeed, there are too few public places to offer wireless charging, but apple's latest iPhone supports wireless charging, and wireless charging is sure to be a big hit.