How to choose mobile charger correctly?
- Aug 13, 2018 -

If you use a low-quality charger, there are problems such as poor transformer coil material, jerry-built materials, poor insulation of materials and so on. In addition, the external environment is humid, electronic elements. The cell phone is aging and other unfavorable factors, and mobile phone charging is likely to have a potential safety hazard.

1. To have 3C certification: China implements CCC certification system for products affecting consumer safety. The power adapter certified by CCC meets the requirements of national mandatory standards in terms of electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

2. Whether there is a "back" sign: in addition to the CCC mark, also pay attention to whether there is a "back" sign on the charger, it refers to the charger is double insulation protection, that is to say, the charger has two kinds of insulation, the first insulation does not work when the second will take effect.

3. The shell should have flame retardant: the reason why the low-quality counterfeit goods have frequent accidents is that the low-cost, high-quality charger shell using the original plastic, high hardness, and low-quality charger is not rigid, flame-retardant plastic, when charged, easy to be baked soft or even ignite fire.

4. Observe the appearance: A good mobile phone charger will not have burrs on the appearance, and the seam is flawless, the metal contact is thick and uniform.

5. Insert and unplug smoothly but not overheating: Charger plug and unplug must be convenient and smooth, plug and unplug difficult charger will be easy to damage. In addition, it is normal for the charger to heat up a little while charging (30 to 40 degrees C is normal temperature).