How the wireless charger coil works
- Nov 30, 2017 -

The wireless charging system USES the principle of electromagnetic induction, and the energy is transmitted through the continuous energy coupling of the coil. At the time of the system work, the input terminal will communicate the whole bridge rectifier circuit to direct current or 24V direct current to power the system directly. The direct current of the output through the power supply module is converted into high frequency communication by using the 2M active crystal oscillator inverter. Through the coupling energy of two inductor coils, the secondary coil output is changed to a direct current to charge the battery.

Wireless charger coil crystal active vibration of square wave output, through the second-order low-pass filter filter HHG, get stable sine wave output, the triode c class extension, composed of 13003 and its peripheral circuit after the circuit output to coil with parallel resonant circuit composed of capacitor in radiation. Supply energy for receiving department. The line diameter of the coupling coil of the parallel resonant circuit with the capacitance is o. 5mm, the diameter is 7 cm, the inductance is 47 uH, and the carrier frequency is 2 MHz. The capacitance C is about 140 pF according to the parallel resonance formula. Therefore, the emission department chooses the frequency of the power carrier with the resonant frequency of 2MHz active crystal.