How can iphonex be wirelessly charged?
- May 19, 2018 -

IPhone X/8 wireless charging power confirms that only 7.5W iPhone X/8 has finally introduced wireless charging, but this time Apple has not adopted autonomous technology, but directly applied the public standard Qi, the benefits are better compatibility, the bad is that there is no new breakthrough.

In fact, in the conference, the apple for wireless charging function is not much, home charge board AirPower will not be listed until next year. Before that, it can only rely on third party products, and must be certified.

Now on Apple's official website, the rechargeable head network has found a wireless charging board on Belkin. This is the first kind of product approved by apple. It is used in the conference to fully support iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus. In theory, it should also support the new Apple Watch 3 and AirPods.

In the product specification sheet, it reads: "adopt the Qi wireless charging standard and charge up to 7.5 watts of output power at iPhone."

This is true of the previous rumors, that is, the maximum power of iPhone wireless charging is only 7.5W, which is equivalent to half of the latest Qi standard.