NEWQI 10W Qi Fast Wireless Charging holder
- Mar 13, 2018 -

In 2017, apple unveiled two new models (iPhone8/X).They all have wireless charging capabilities that are once again causing a wave of wireless charging. After that, other brands will follow, releasing a variety of phones that support wireless charging. Next, I recommend a product that meets the Qi standard, which can reach 10W fast charge_NEWQI L8

10W Digital demodulation solution, 2 Coils
1.Product Standard: WPC-Qi V1.2.2
2.TX Input: 10W DC5V-2A,9V-1.67A  
3.RX Output: 5V-1A ,9V-1.1A
4.Working Frequency:  110-205KHz                   
5.Power Distance:  5-8mm                                                       
6.Conversion Efficiency: 85%           
7.Color: Black, Silver                                                              
8.Package Size:15.5*8.5*9.3cm
10.G.W: 336g
11.Protection Method: Over Temperature, Over Voltage Protection, Soft / Hardware Dual Over Current Protection FOD Function,DPL Function,Enhanced Vertex Shutdown Function

The Sample quotation: USD15.5
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