Heat dissipation of wireless charger
- Aug 17, 2018 -

It is inevitable that the mobile phone charges and scalds, especially in summer, it is easier to scald, and in high temperature, the mobile phone lithium battery will be unstable, or even cause explosion, so the wireless charger heat dissipation performance is very important. Nanfu Aircharge infinite vertical air-cooled wireless charger, the biggest bright spot is the air-cooled cooling system, can be used as a mobile phone radiator. It adds active cooling system on the basis of previous wireless charger cooling design, that is, a self-induction mute fan is added on the basis of separate design of coil and circuit board. The separate design cuts off the heat conduction between the coil and the circuit board, thus ensuring that the temperature of the coil is not affected by the temperature rise of the circuit board; and the self-induction mute fan uses the cold air circulation convection design, which can not only heat the wireless charger, but also heat the mobile phone and increase the efficiency of heat dissipation, so no more. Don't worry about charging and heating.