Have you encountered the following situations when using the smart phones?
- Mar 17, 2018 -

1.The charging port of smart phone become less sensitive or even was damaged after recharge so much;
2.Because of the limit of charging cable length, you cannot far from the charger, not to say leave the charger;
3.Because of the incompatibility between Android and Apple phones, you need to carry two types of charging cables and the messy cables make you annoyed;
4.It is indeed difficult to borrow one power bank from a stranger but after you did it, you found it is incompatible with your charging cable;

If you have encountered the above one or two situations, then I’ll say you need one wireless charger immediately. Wireless charging means you don’t need to carry cables and just connect your wireless charger with one power supply, then put your phone one the wireless charger is Okay. NEWQI announced one model wireless charger that called C13 will help free from these embarrassed situations. Lightweight and take anywhere size make it really easy to carry in the bag. Built-in over current, over voltage and over temperature function, making the charger more safe for you to use. It is also Qi certified, no need to worry about its quality. Choose NEWQI, choose wireless leisure life.