The wireless charger will enter our lives
- Jun 07, 2018 -

Many smartphone makers have begun to add wireless charging technologies to their products, most of which use Qi wireless charging standards. The two manufacturers, apple and Samsung, have produced many models of mobile phones with high capacity of Qi. The adaptation of the Qi standard drives other manufacturers to use it as their own standard. Smart phones have become a driving force for this technology to enter consumers' families, and many household technologies have been developed to make use of this technology.

The driving force of Qi technology is consumer smart phones. With this technology being pushed to consumers, there are many different ideas about wireless charger. Samsung and other companies have begun to explore the idea of surface charging. It means to put their wireless charger on the whole surface, such as table or desk lamp. These chargers are very large and suitable for those who work on desks. On the contrary, Apple and Anker are promoting a dock based charging platform. This includes smaller charging pads and disks. These solutions apply to consumers who wish to have smaller chargers, which may be in the public area and may be integrated with current home furnishing. Since the Qi standard of wireless charging is adopted, any charger can be used in conjunction with any cell phone as long as the mobile phone has the capability of Qisheng.