Does the wireless charger have radiation?
- Oct 26, 2017 -

As electronic rechargeable products, the charger itself can not avoid radiation, so the wireless charger has radiation is inevitable, but the power of the wireless charger is very small, the charge time is longer, the radiation produced is also small, within the security range, the charger produces a weak magnetic field, can give equipment charge but will not affect the nearby credit card, Tapes, such as the use of magnetic recording data, but as far as possible to avoid the body direct contact with the charging platform.

In fact, wireless charger products belong to ultra-low-frequency electronic equipment, wireless charging Alliance product specification file shows that this kind of wireless charging products operating frequency in 50-60hz this low frequency range, the body's response to the electric field is very strong, but the body's response to the magnetic field is almost not, so this system will not affect human health, So the theoretically generated electromagnetic radiation and ordinary small appliances are quite.

And this standard is below the international non-Ionizing Radiation Protection Committee promulgated for the public exposure to products electromagnetic contact limit value, so it is safe for the human body, do not worry about.

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