Do you know the questions about the wireless charger?
- Apr 13, 2018 -

Wireless charger has risen from last year to fire for some time. There are more and more mobile phones that match wireless charger. Millet 7, Samsung S9, HUAWEI Porsche mobile, LG, NOKIA and so on. Although the use of wireless charger has more than half a year, there are always several problems in the wireless charger. Everybody

1) brand selection of wireless charger

There are many brands of wireless charger, with third party wireless charger manufacturers producing more, how to choose a good wireless charger brand is the concern of users and mobile wireless charger sales staff, Xin Chuang research wireless charger manufacturers feel that users can choose cell phone manufacturers. The wireless charger produced can not be said about the quality of the original wireless charger. If the user chooses the manufacturer of the third party wireless charger manufacturers to choose the certified manufacturer, it can ensure the safe use of the wireless charger and the mobile phone.

2) wireless charger wholesale selection

Select a good wireless charger wholesale manufacturer can be good to ensure the schedule of the business, the user's requirements for the wireless charger are generally safe, the appearance is lovely, the quality is safe and durable, the wireless charger is a 3C digital product, it needs QI certification, one Xin creates research proposal, and the wireless charger can be tested in a lot of tests. Worry about these problems.