Charging in a different way,5W 7.5W 10WQi Wireless Charger
- Jan 23, 2018 -

With the iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 PLUS, the wireless charging has once again become a hot spot for consumers. It remains to be seen whether wireless charging can be used as a more mainstream way of charging, given the anticipated high volume of new iPhone products. Of course, you can now choose a third-party wireless charger, after all, wireless charging is a very mature technology.


The iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 PLUS are not the first Apple devices to support wireless charging, and the earlier Apple Watch was Apple's first wireless charging device. Apple Watch actually also used the mainstream wireless charging agreement - Qi (one of the three largest wireless charging standards), it is the organization behind the Qi, one of the members, including LG, HTC, NOKIA, Panasonic, NXP, Verizon and Philips and other technology companies. Therefore, as long as the wireless charger that supports the Qi protocol can be charged for iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 PLUS, it will enrich our choice.