What are the advantages of a wireless charger?
- Jun 14, 2018 -

The wireless charger has a strong compatibility. The first thing to do is to charge different devices, such as mobile phones, MP3, tablet or other digital products. On the other hand, it is shown in the number of uses that a larger wireless charger can simultaneously charge two electrical equipment.

The power conversion rate of the wireless charger is high. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has proved that the conversion rate of the wireless charger is a few percentage points higher than that of wired, that is, it has a high conversion rate that allows us to recharge faster.

Wireless charging has little harm to the human body. The wireless charger uses the principle of magnetic resonance, the current is transmitted only between the lines, other devices can not contact, even the human body can be identified even if it is in contact with the charging panel, and it does not provide current transmission, so it is safe and safe to use. In this way, it is much safer than cable charging and direct contact with alternating current.

It can reduce electronic waste. A variety of charging plugs and chargers are flooded with electronic markets, and the advent of wireless chargers will reduce the number of cameras, mobile phones, tablets and notebooks, which can also reduce the production of electronic waste to a certain extent.

Wireless charger can reduce energy consumption. Compared with wired, wireless charger has the function of full automatic shutdown and can reduce unnecessary power loss.