Advantages of wireless charging relative to wired charging
- Jan 19, 2018 -

Compared with the traditional wired charging, wireless charging will undoubtedly be more cool, it does not need to insert a long line of data on a mobile phone, charging only need to put the mobile phone in the charging plate, full of electricity can be directly removed.

In addition, with the development of wireless charging technology, the wireless charging base similar to the charging bowl began to appear. Apple's autumn conference this year, AirPower on PPT is a similar device, it can simultaneously charge iPhone, Apple Watch, Air Pods and many other devices, and the convenience is rising linearly.

In addition, if the wireless charging technology can be popularized, the charging experience of future public places will be greatly improved. For example, at the airport, a mobile phone with a mobile phone is directly placed on a desk with a wireless charging function.