A variety of wireless charging modules
- Jan 22, 2018 -

The MSP430F2274 ultra-low power microcontroller is used as the monitoring and control core of the wireless energy transfer charger. The charging speed is selected through the switch to realize the function of fast charging and normal charging. After the electric energy is full, it gives a prompt and automatically stops charging. The wireless charging system mainly adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction, and the energy transfer through the coil is realized by the coupling of energy. The input end of the system will transform the AC city electricity through the full bridge rectifier circuit into DC, or direct the power supply to the system with the 24V DC end. When the receiving coil is close to the transmitting coil, the induced voltage is generated in the receiving coil. When the resonant frequency of the receiving coil loop is the same as the transmitting frequency, the resonance is generated, and the voltage reaches the maximum value, which has the best energy transmission effect. By coupling the energy through 2 inductors, the output current of the secondary coil is changed into direct current to charge the battery by the accepted conversion circuit. AC and DC input adopts single pole double switch relay, AC power on and off normally, normally closed to realize AC priority, AC power interruption interruption, normal closure and automatic switching. When switching, the time is very short, C1 can provide a certain time of electricity, can achieve continuous electrical switching, without affecting the charge.