7.5W wireless fast charging
- Jun 26, 2018 -

According to the charging head network reported that Apple Certified mophie wireless charging board has been able to upgrade iOS 11.2 iPhone X to achieve wireless fast charging. As Apple's official recommended charging board, the security problem will certainly be better than the solution. At the same time, this means that Apple's 7.5W wireless charging on the official website refers to the actual battery power, not including the loss in the charging process. This is undoubtedly a happy thing for the users.
Why is it good to be happy
First, let's first understand what charging efficiency is.
It generally refers to the overall efficiency of the receiver and the transmitter, but does not include the efficiency of the adapter. The direct impact on wireless charging efficiency is mainly the advantages and disadvantages of the design scheme of wireless charging board, and the loss of each contact point in circuit design.
At present, most of the efficiency of wireless charging at the present stage is between 65%~75%, and there is no small gap compared with the traditional charging efficiency of up to 95%.