Prefect Options__ 7.5W wireless charger
- Mar 05, 2018 -

In present,7.5W wireless charging has always been a mysterious and high-end existence. Even lot of company can handle 10W and 15W wireless charger easily ,however the 7.5W wireless charger is a suffering for them. Because 7.5W wireless charger is a question that lot of specialist can’t overcome.

     According to this situation,7.5W wireless charging can represent the overall strength of the company to a certain extent. And the price also will be high, because just only a few kind of 7.5W Apple wireless charger show up in the market. 7.5W wireless charger, the charging efficiency higher than 5W wireless charger, although have high efficiency but not get hot like 15W wireless charger. To sum up, 7.5W wireless charging is like a rare species.

      Of course, there are some people will say that. You can search the 7.5W wireless charger in taobao. Even 7.5W,10W ,15W and etc,thet all can search in taobao. And the price are competitive.

      But if we tell you, lot of seller make a lie in 7.5W wireless charger. What do you think?  May be their wireless charger can support 10W or 15W, but in order to deal more business,they wrote on the details page that their products were compatible with 7.5W. Cause lot of buyer they can not to distinguish between the product is real 7.5W or not. The customers just know they can charging. So,the product they buy can compatible 7.5W.

Is time to dump out “Word games”,next,let me recommend you the real 7.5W wireless charger.



NEWQI C13, it is the best seller of NEWQI. This product can support 5W,7.5W and 10W charging. Use their own solution(Digital demodulation solution).Have high quality and many function. Such as FOD,DPL function. And NEWQI is the brand of Shenzhen Aodehong Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd, and they study wireless charger and wireless charging PCBA since 2011. So, this product you should have a try

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3. NEWQI C21


NEWQI launch the new product _C21,which born for iPhone. Have same shape of Apple, and have different material with C13. And the function, we are the same with C13. If you want to know more,please check the below web.

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