7.5W wireless charging solution launch by NEWQI
- Jan 20, 2018 -

The charging head  learned that the certification authority began to push messages to the customers of wireless charging industry: Apple application for wireless charging will be fully opened in early 2018. That is to say, Apple will open 7.5W fast wireless charging MFi authentication. After that, iPhone mobile users will be able to buy a variety of 7.5W wireless fast charger. However,the Wireless charger can support or be compatible with 7.5W is not common at present. Many manufacturers have not been able to develop yet.

Why many sales companies, manufacturers "crave" of 7.5W wireless charger?

The reason is that 3 kind of iPhone new machines launched by Apple , and  they just can support 7.5W charging efficiency. That's why the market is so crazy about 7.5W's wireless charger. That's the case, but 7.5W's wireless charging is extremely rare on the market.

In 2017 12 months -- Shenzhen Aodehong Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd research and development their own wireless charging solution ——digital demodulation,now the digital demodulation solution is not only compatible with traditional 5W and 10W, but also compatible with 7.5W, which is needed by the market. The first success  product is C13 . We believe that in the future, Shenzhen Aodehong Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. will be research and development of digital demodulation scheme of PCBA are upgraded to a compatible version of 7.5W. Whatever single coil or double coils, as long as the digital demodulation scheme, can be upgraded to compatible 7.5W.


This upgrade will bring more customer sources to the NEWQi, and there will be a number of wireless charger compatible 7.5W , and  more and more wireless charger which can compatiable 7.5W will show up in the market

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